Buy Real Facebook Likes FAQ

Clients are skeptical in accepting a service as they have certain queries in their mind. Here we have tried to provide answers to the most common questions asked, concerning how to buy real Facebook likes. However, if there are still some queries, which remain unanswered, please be free to contact our customer service cell. We are committed towards our clients and for this reason always endeavor to provide not just a comprehensive service, but also a service, which is secure and safe.

We are different from other such service providers as we bring you real fans and not fans generated by the ‘bot’, which have no real friends. Our service is different in the sense that the fans that we get have friends, who click on the ‘LIKES’ section when they get the link from their friends, which in turn appears on their Facebook wall. The chain continues and you have innumerable real fans.

We are committed to providing you with 100% human fans, that speak English, are located in either the USA, UK, Australia or worldwide and, most importantly, are interested in what you do! If you only want Facebook likes from the USA, just let us know and we can easily target only people from the USA.

  1. How Do You Get New Facebook Fans?
    • We have a team of dedicated professionals, which acquires extremely targeted fans, through a network of international contacts. We strictly adhere to Facebook policies and therefore never reveal the source and method of acquiring these contacts. However, due to a strictly monitored method we provide our customers a steady flow of new fans over a period of 1 to 4 weeks. We specialize in providing targeted fans to our clients as we use the latest marketing and targeting techniques, which help us sort fans specific to a particular country and business niche.
    • We can guarantee a targeted fan base to our clients because the targeting methods and filtration techniques that we use are the best in the industry. Prospective fans of a particular interest are filtered out from a select group and these are invited to join our client’s fan page.
  2. What Can I Expect From Your Services?
    • When you avail our service, you can see the difference in the number of people or more specifically Facebook users ‘liking’ your page. In addition, each of these Facebook users would be having an interest in your products and/or services.
    • Once you get the Facebook users to like your page and what you are doing, you can introduce them to your business, inform them of the new offers and about special events. Once you have your fan base you can advertise to them just as you would do if you had a list of email subscribers; like sending them information, sending notifications regarding special offers and newsletters.
    • With our service, you are not adding fans to your Facebook page just once. In fact, each of these fans would be having a link in their ‘LIKES’ section, which would be a link to your Facebook page. When this fan would share information with his friends, they too would see what he ‘likes’ and in turn would share this information with more of their friends. This way the chain continues and you have a large fan base liking your page.
    • If you are operating in a popular business niche like music, weight loss, travel or internet marketing, you can benefit largely over the long term even with a small investment. This is because with our regular fan base, you are reaching out to innumerable people despite low inputs.
  3. Where are These Fans Located?
    • We target Facebook users, who can speak English and for this reason most of the fans, which we provide are from the USA, UK and some other parts of the world. However, if you require, we can arrange for a worldwide audience as well.
    • We handle projects where you need targeted audience like those in Australia, France, India, Germany and Italy. Quotations for the same can be obtained by contacting us.
  4. How Long Will it Take You to Complete My Campaign?
    • We start working on a project within 48 hours of receiving the order. Considering the target market where you wish to market your products and/or services and your business niche, we work through our network of contacts. The process of filtration then starts with potential fans being sorted out.
    • Once the filtration is complete and a set of potential fans is arrived at, we invite them to join your fan page. The entire campaign takes 30 days to complete as we offer the prospective fans a period of 30 days to join you on Facebook. This may sound slow but we believe in quality by going slow and steady rather than on quantity.
  5. Am I Paying for Fans or Invites?
    • This is an important point, as there is a difference between paying for fans and paying for invites. While the other websites might be charging less for sending invites, they do not guarantee any fans. Moreover, they do not send invites to targeted people, thereby nullifying the entire process. While you may be paying for 5,000 you might be gaining only a few real Facebook likes.
    • Sending mail to people who are not interested in your products or services would be futile and would equate to being junk mail. Therefore, opting for cheaper services for sending invites is useless until and unless they send them to targeted audience.
    • Our service guarantees real Facebook fans. If you do business in the US only, we send invites to targeted people in the United States and not the rest of the world. Therefore, if you’re paying a little extra, it is worth it because you get what you are paying for; that is, a targeted audience.
  6. Can I Expect to See New Fans Immediately on My Facebook Page?
    • The initial rolling of fans is slow but steady as you start getting fan requests within 48 hours of sending us the fan request order. There would be new friends and fans each day, therefore setting the ball rolling. However, this is not limited, as at times the incoming of friends starts earlier than that as well.
    • With the steady rolling of fans, you can see your fan base increasing as the friends of your newly acquired fans, and then their friends in turn, keep visiting your page. Therefore, even long after taking our service, your fan base continues to grow.
  7. What if You Don’t Get the Fans I Order?
    • Although this is an entirely rare situation, we promise to refund the amount either in full or partly depending upon the number of fans provided. This may happen in extremely rare conditions when there aren’t enough targeted audience for your specific business. However, our account manager would remain in contact with you during the entire duration of the project and keep you abreast of the proceedings.
  8. Is This a One-Time Fee?
    • Yes, this is a one-time fee. We currently don’t offer a weekly or monthly subscription through our website, but it is available upon request. We suggest trying our service first using one of the trial offers on our home page before contacting us about a subscription. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service before ordering bigger quantities or switching to a monthly plan.
  9. Can I target by Age, City or Interest?
    • No, unfortunately Facebook does not currently give us that flexibility. Facebook has done an excellent job of protecting their users privacy and should continue to do that. While they may use that information internally for targeting certain markets, that data is not openly available to others.

If you have questions which still have not been addressed, please visit our contact form and we will be happy to assist you. – Thank You.

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