Secrets of Facebook marketing

Secrets of Facebook marketing

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We love Kim Komando who writes for the USA Today and has a national syndicated tech-talk program. We liked her article and decided to re-publish it for all of you, combined with our own take on things. We hope you like it.

Kim Komando Secrets of Facebook Marketing

Secrets of Facebook Marketing


“These ideas will help get you started on your first — or next — killer campaign on Facebook. You want people to Like your business, of course. But you also want them talking about you. It’s a way of informing you how many fans are returning to your …USA TODAY”

The author, Kim Komando, goes on to give the following example:

As an example, take a look at the Facebook pages of Dell and Hewlett-Packard. HP boasts 1.8 million Likes, compared to Dell’s 1.5 million. Dell, however, has three times as many customers talking about its page — 33,889 compared to HP’s 11,584.

So how do you keep customers engaged?

For the sake of quick reading, we’ve shortened the article a little bit and added our own take. Here are some of her suggestions:

Maintain a very active profile. Post updates every day and as often as possible. Include photos and videos. It’s fine to tell customers about your newest products — but don’t give them the hard sell.

It’s frustrating for users to visit your page, ask or answer a question and then never get a response. Or, worse yet, new fans visit your page and discover unanswered questions and little or no interaction.

Your Facebook page is about maintaining a conversation and building interest in your brand. Post non-promotional items at times. Comment on a funny news story, for example.

If you are a carpet cleaner, don’t just promote your specials and talk about how great your service is. Give them something they can use like pointers on how to get wine stains out of an oriental rug. Also, show them your personality. Proceed with caution though. No offensive or political updates, unless that’s what your page is all about.

Apps such as HootSuite and Tweetdeck can help you schedule messages to Facebook and other social media platforms so you don’t have to be chained to your computer. Facebook’s metrics will tell you which day of the week most people visit your page. “Show up” that day with great new content.

Pre-scheduling your updates, when done correctly, can portray an image of involvment. Make sure you still monitor your page closely though, since you don’t want to just keep posting updates, withour addressing their concerns.

Ask customers questions. Although it’s a lot more work for you, fans will become more engaged if you allow them to post on your wall. Ask them to send in stories and to post photos and videos of them using your product, if appropriate.

This only seems to work when you have several fans (ehem…we can help with that. <grin>), so you might want to hold off until you are sure people will articipate. you will appear kind of lonely if you ask a question and no one answers. (crickets chirping)

People love freebies, discounts and contests. Give out a special promo code once a week that entitles users to a free sample or a discount. Throw out a brain-teaser or trivia question and offer a prize to the first correct guesser.

This method works great if you can come up with something and it fits your business model. It may not work to well for a fashion model, but could work really well for a recording artist, or our earlier example of the carpet cleaner.

Check your page a few times a day to interact. Try to answer questions and respond proactively and positively to complaints as quickly as you can.

We understand this is the hard part for a lot of small businesses. if however, you are near your pc/laptop/iphone/etc, and are already active, this part will be super easy for you.

As time goes by, you’ll learn a lot about the interests and demographics of your followers. That’s when you want to experiment with creating targeted ads. They’re a great way to grab even more eyeballs for your page. Users will see an ad for your business’ Facebook page on the corner of their profile.

Exactly! Facebook Ads are super cheap right now and what’s better than cheap advertising on perhaps the busiest site ever?

Now imagine if you will, that you have implemented all these tactics and only have 200 fans, while your rival has thousands. Commons sense would say, “go out and buy some fans, fast”, right? So, give us a call and we will help you handle the hard part, getting real facebook fans to like your page.

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