More Facebook Fans For Your Company’s Fan Page On Facebook

More Facebook Fans For Your Company’s Fan Page On Facebook

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Use Twitter To Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook is known as the most popular social networking website currently in the world. Every day, more and more people start using Facebook. There's a lot of stuff people can do on Facebook from sharing music, video, image to updating news, writing notes and so on. Many brands and companies now have paid serious attention to the potential of Facebook within their business. In fact, there is a huge number of Facebook fan pages owned by companies and they are trying their best to get as much attention as possible. The most popular way to show the level of awareness of people to a Facebook fan page is the number of Facebook "Likes" of that page.

Here are some methods that companies, shops or brands can use to get more “likes”.

Initially, if the company has their own official website, they can also advertise their Facebook Fan page over there. If you have a website, you may not know how many people have interest with your products at all. Nevertheless, you may somehow acknowledge about this figure through number of “like” on the Facebook page. Beside that, the administrator of the Facebook Page should check the site regularly and try to be social. He or she has to try to update the news from the company daily or weekly to show that the Facebook Page is still active. Moreover, they need to response with the reviews, the questions from the other posts on the page as fast as possible.

Additionally, the company can send invitations to like their Facebook page using other social networking website like Twitters. Twitter actually has many users on that and if the company can put the invitations few times a day, they may get some more “likes” for their Facebook fan pages.


Facedbook and Twitter


Finally, small companies such as small fashion shops can use the “tag” function to gain more Facebook Likes. For example, when they get some new type of clothes or dress, they can upload the picture on their Facebook page together with some descriptions and tag a group of their current fans in there. If those tagged people are subscribed by some friends, those friends’ Facebook pages will appear a notification. When they follow the link and see the picture, some of them may have interest with the products and become fans in the company’s Facebook fans by clicking the “like” button. These are just a few ways to get more facebook fans for your page.

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