Does My Business Need a Facebook Page?

Does My Business Need a Facebook Page?

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…and 4 ways to determine if you do.

This is a great question to ask yourself before investing your time and money into social marketing with sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Whether your answer is; “yes, I need to get on this right away”, or “maybe later”, this post will help you determine if and how much time you will need to invest to get it off the ground and is it even something you are prepared to do.

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Ask Suzen: Must I Have a Facebook Fan Page?

“Maybe it’s a delayed reaction from its IPO, not sure, but last week I got asked a number of times from a few different business owners whether I thought a Facebook Fan page is really neccessary. Along with it came the lament… it’s for socializing; …”

Perhaps you are being asked the same thing or are even asking yourself that very same question. Here are the author’s reasons why you just might need one:


  1. With over 600 million users and almost 50 percent of them on Facebook daily… stop… think about it…, AND over 40 percent of existing businesses already up and running on it, you want your business to be where your customers and your potential customers are going, right? If you knew that your customers were passing by one of the huge billboards in Times Square every day and those billboards didn’t cost millions per month to be advertising there, you would want to be up there… wouldn’t you?

    So think of it that way: a Facebook business page is like that billboard except for the fact that it’sfree. Your customers are there, their friends are there. And you can say a heck of a lot more on a FB page than you can on a billboard.

  2. The search engines love a Facebook Page. Because a business page is a public URL and not a private one, your site will have a much easier time making it to the top of a Google search than your website, unless you’ve invested a lot of money into SEO (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
  3. As mentioned earlier, your competition already has one, and not because they want to share about their favorite rice and beans recipe. The “like” button has become the new link. Many online marketers — myself included — now believe that the Facebook “like” button is becoming just as significant as backlinks are to a website. In other words, the more “likes” your page has, the greater the chance of it ranking high in the search engines for your specific field and keywords. So think of it as a link and encourage your customers to press it. Every time you update something on your page these customers will now see it as they have been “linked” to it.
  4. Since its insane IPO, Facebook has a lot to prove in regard to its business “value” and therefore, if you think it was working hard before to prove relevance in the business community, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Projections are that adverising options and other innovative marketing options will, within the next few years, unfold and be more accessible to the masses. It’s still free, not to mention simple to be present there. Go along for the ride and lets see what unfolds together.

Let’s summarize a bit here:

  1. Are your customers on Facebook? – 600,000,000 people on Facebook and 50% are on the site daily. 40% of businesses are already connected with Facebook.
  2. Are you trying to optimize and improve your rank inGoogle? – Google loves Facebook and expects you to be there. If you’re not social, they may nick you for it.
  3. Is your offering “likeable”? – People use the like button to give your update or post a vote. In many ways a Like” for your page has an effect similar to a “link” to your site.
  4. Do you like free and affordable advertising? – many think they will be offering much more in the near future which will allow companies several more options to find new business.

So with her four points in mind, you may want to start getting fans and doing so immediately. In the very near future we will be presenting some ways you can get more people, or “fans” for you new Facebook business page. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to learn how it’s done, or simply don’t have the time, you can click here to order fans for your Facebook page.

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