Does Buying Facebook Likes Work?

Does Buying Facebook Likes Work?

October 12th, 2013 @ // No Comments

Before making a purchase, most people struggle with the question if buying fans works or not. We always tell potential customers that it all depends upon your page or industry and where you buy them from. For the most part, buying facebook likes works well if they are in fact real fans and you are not expecting them to immediately take some sort of action.

If you just need your count to go up to, in a sense, keep up with the Jones’s, then any type of fan will work. We see this a lot in the music, modeling, and fashion sectors. On the other hand, if you are a local business, or a professional you really want targeted, real fans and that’s where we come in.

Who are These People?

At, we use mini-task-workers to complete our orders. These are people who earn tokens or credits to like a facebook page. These workers may use their credits to get likes for their own page, or cash them in for money. Other sites do this, but we have some safeguards set in place to eliminate fraud like, one person creating multiple accounts to get multiple credits, etc. We also have some “techy” code to keep facebook from seeing the referring site, so it looks natural.

Buying Facebook Likes

When you buy likes from us you can be assured they will be real likes from real people, but that doesn’t mean they will get involved with you, especially right away. That will come over time from them seeing your posts and “branding” yourself in such a way that they see you as the authority in your niche. You can try messaging them, but there is no guarantee they will respond. Think of it this way… let’s say your page is about women’s clothing and the micro-tasker is a male. The odds of them ever getting involved with you is slim. But don’t let that scare you. We all know that pages with higher counts from real folks rank better in the searches.

How to Buy Facebook Likes from Real People

Most of our competitors create thousands of “bot” produced, automated, fake personas. While these fake fans will make your count rise, they also tend to get knocked off by facebook. Being in the business, we see it all the time. Customer “X” places an order, we log the start count, and check it every day for about three days. It’s not uncommon at all to see these counts drop drastically during that time. Generally this is a clear sign that they have recently bought phony fans and facebook’s crawlers are removing them on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. In these cases we typically send the page owner an email saying we will need to wait with filling the order until the count stabilizes.

How Can I be Sure to the Facebook Fans I buy are Real?

Unfortunately, that’s the hard part. There is no real way of knowing until you finally pull the trigger. Many claim they are “real” and simply stand behind it later by saying something link, ‘But, these ARE real accounts, created by real people’. Our definition of a “real” fan is one person, sitting behind a keyboard at their home or office and clicking the like button, etc. While some of our workers will use a secondary account (many people have a second and third profile), they are generally well involved in sharing, commenting, updating, adding photos, videos and so on. They are most definitely not bots.

Unless you have a personal referral, the only way to really know is to pull the trigger and make a purchase. We advocate creating a test page and buying about 500 the first time, as this will give you some good insight as to who and what these fans are all about. Don’t worry if your first purchase turns out to be all fakes, as facebook hasn’t started punishing those who have fake counts. I would like to tell you to play it safe and just buy them from us, but so does every other site selling likes.

So, back to the question; “Does Buying Facebook Likes Work?” We say absolutely, as long as they are real and your expectations of the new fans are real as well.

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