Do You Like a Page AND Leave a Comment?

Do You Like a Page AND Leave a Comment?

November 15th, 2012 @ // No Comments

We have a popular YouTube video and have received a comment which created a discussion in our office and then later prompted us to do some research. Here is the comment which was left on our video:

 I’ve seen those *liked* pages. Yeah, you get a bunch of likes…but no comments.? Who likes a page but doesn’t say anything on it? I’ve even seen those faked liked Youtube pages with the silly, 3-5 word comments that make no sense! You can easily tell and quickly see that it’s fake and phony and bought comments.

This was our planned response, but YouTube limits responses to only 498 charachters, so we decided to blog about it also.

We’re not sure what you mean by, ‘Who likes a page but doesn’t say anything on it?’ I can say that when I personally like a page, I almost never comment. I’ve asked others in the office and they agree that it’s an exception when they will like a page and leave a comment. For example, if you liked Coca-Cola’s facebook page, would you add a comment? They have over 54 million likes, but not all that many comments in relation to how many people have liked their page.

We looked at some random examples like this one: – It’s a local union page with 280 likes, most likely none of them were purchased likes, so we feel it’s a good example of a page with loyal followers. As you will notice, they get very few comments. Many of their images have likes with no comments at all.

Based on our understanding, experience and today’s research, we think your reasoning is flawed.

Dave Trosdahl
Internet Analyst Team

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