3 Ways to Engage Real Facebook Fans

3 Ways to Engage Real Facebook Fans

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Real Facebook fans and how to Interact with them

This video explains how a car dealership should use Facebook to engage their fans.

3 Ways to Supercharge Fan Engagement on Facebook


"BY Amy Porterfield | June 4, 2012| For most business owners, their biggest Facebook challenge is keeping fans consistently engaged. Whether you have 135 or 13500 likes, the only way to really profit from a business page is to motivate fans to click, …Entrepreneur"

Well put. It doesn't matter how many fans you have. What matters is how you interact with the fans you hve. Getting involved with those who liked you is much eaiser when you follow the 3 steps outlined by Ms. Porterfield. Here are her suggestions:

1. Market content with images.

The rise of the social networking site Pinterest underscores how much people love images and, more importantly, love sharing them. Visual marketing is about creating what I call relevant viral content — content your core audience can't resist sharing. They're the people who are most likely to buy from you, so focus on catering to their interests with relevant and appealing images and strong calls to action.

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I agree and am convinced this reason alone is why Google no longer gives much credence to the big article directories.

2. Ask better questions.

If you pose questions and get only silence, you might be asking the wrong ones. Before posting a question, put yourself in your fans' shoes: "Would I really take the time to answer this?" 

You have to address what alot of people refer to as their pain factor. what is troubling them? Is it pricing, delivery, bad experiences, making a decision who to hire,…? You get the point. Once you know that answer, it will be easier for you to craft questions which will create a buzz.

3. Use video teasers.

Video can quickly establish rapport and, on Facebook, that goes a long way. Just remember to keep the videos short — one to three minutes at most.

Even more than images, people love videos. Especially if they are videos of you or someone from your company. Not a spokesperson, not a borrowed video, but you persoanlly, talking to them. They are on your page because of you, not your company or the flash design of your facebook page.

Having taken these 3 points into consideration, you are now ready to focus on increasing the size of your audience. That's where we come in. Whether you want targeted fans fromthe US or the UK, or real international people liking your page, we can help. For as little as $9 we can get 100 people to like your page. We hope you will give us a chance to prove ourselves to you by providing you with real facebook fans.

Dave Trosdahl

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