3 Suggestions From Entrepereneur Which May Help Your Facebook Page

3 Suggestions From Entrepereneur Which May Help Your Facebook Page

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This article, written by Amy Porterfield, will add to your arsenal of methods to increase your facebook count. Ms Porterfield writes about 3, often overlooked dynamics which will help you get more fans by having a highly optimized Facebook page. It will also help you target a higher quality of fan. When combined with our tips on this blog, you will be the leader in no time, enjoying very high quality and engaged fans.

3 Little-Known Metrics That Can Help Optimize Your Facebook Page


“3 Little Known Metrics That Can Help Optimize Your Facebook Page. Ever wonder why a particular Facebook post seems to get a lot of “likes” and “shares” one day, but with the next post, there’s little to no fan interest? A lot of business owners get …Entrepreneur”


Amy, the author of this post has these three tips on how to get more fans:

1. Track “engaged users” to optimize post types.

Don’t guess which posts your fans will respond to. Instead, measure which ones are already popular.

2. Monitor incoming traffic from external referrers. 

For a Facebook page to gain traction, it needs visitors. That sounds obvious, but many of us forget to drive traffic to Facebook, not just from Facebook to our website.

3. Pay attention to your “talking about this” score.

“Talking about this” is a measure of how many people over the past seven days engaged with your page in any way — tagging it, clicking “like,” making a comment or sharing a post. It’s a high-level view of your success on Facebook and can be critical to increase the ratio of “talking about this” to total “likes.” 

Great Suggestions Amy! She obviously goes into much more detail about each point in her blog article about how to get more fans, but this should at least give you a feel for what she suggests.

In regards to “talking about this” we think you may find this video helpful as well:

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