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Utilise Facebook for Your Business

June 12th, 2012 @ // No Comments

This ezinearticles authot does a nice job of explaining why you may need a Facebook page. He also addresses the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook Places. If people visit you locally, you should consider Places as your best alternative.

Facebook for Business

Utilise Facebook for Your Business

by Jonathan D Allen

Ok, so you’ve heard loads about how Facebook is a must if you own or run a business, but what exactly do you need it for? How can you make it work for your business? How do I get fans and traffic to the page? We get asked these questions all the time, so we have decided to pool our knowledge and put together an article that will hopefully answer all your questions!


Secrets of Facebook marketing

June 9th, 2012 @ // No Comments

We love Kim Komando who writes for the USA Today and has a national syndicated tech-talk program. We liked her article and decided to re-publish it for all of you, combined with our own take on things. We hope you like it.

Kim Komando Secrets of Facebook Marketing

Secrets of Facebook Marketing


“These ideas will help get you started on your first — or next — killer campaign on Facebook. You want people to Like your business, of course. But you also want them talking about you. It’s a way of informing you how many fans are returning to your …USA TODAY”


Does My Business Need a Facebook Page?

June 6th, 2012 @ // No Comments

…and 4 ways to determine if you do.

This is a great question to ask yourself before investing your time and money into social marketing with sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Whether your answer is; “yes, I need to get on this right away”, or “maybe later”, this post will help you determine if and how much time you will need to invest to get it off the ground and is it even something you are prepared to do.

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More Facebook Fans For Your Company’s Fan Page On Facebook

June 6th, 2012 @ // No Comments

Use Twitter To Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook is known as the most popular social networking website currently in the world. Every day, more and more people start using Facebook. There's a lot of stuff people can do on Facebook from sharing music, video, image to updating news, writing notes and so on. Many brands and companies now have paid serious attention to the potential of Facebook within their business. In fact, there is a huge number of Facebook fan pages owned by companies and they are trying their best to get as much attention as possible. The most popular way to show the level of awareness of people to a Facebook fan page is the number of Facebook "Likes" of that page.


3 Ways to Engage Real Facebook Fans

June 5th, 2012 @ // No Comments

Real Facebook fans and how to Interact with them

This video explains how a car dealership should use Facebook to engage their fans.

3 Ways to Supercharge Fan Engagement on Facebook


"BY Amy Porterfield | June 4, 2012| For most business owners, their biggest Facebook challenge is keeping fans consistently engaged. Whether you have 135 or 13500 likes, the only way to really profit from a business page is to motivate fans to click, …Entrepreneur"


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